I teach courses related to the mechanical behavior of materials.

On the undergraduate level I teach the courses:

  • Mechanics of Materials (Purdue University course number ME 323), a junior level course.
  • Introduction to the Finite Element Method (Purdue University course number ME 489), a senior level course with lectures and a lab section.

In the fall 2017 I am also teaching a Honors Seminar class for freshmen and sophomores

  • Paper or Plastic? (Purdue University course number HONR 199), where we investigate questions on material use and society, sustainability, decision making, and on global impact of material use.

On the graduate level I teach two courses which are offered both on campus as well as online via Purdue University Professional Engineering Education:

  • In the course Micromechanics of Materials (ME 559) students study concepts for the analysis of heterogeneous materials including but not limited to composites, honeycombs and foams, as well as damage.

  • In the course Computational Fracture Mechanics (ME 650) students study advanced methods for the simulation of crack propagation processes under a range of loading conditions for brittle and ductile materials.

 I have also taught several short courses:

1. Lectures: “Thermomechanical cohesive zone models for the analysis of composite failure under thermal gradients and thermal transients” and “Processing-microstructure-property relationships in a short fiber reinforced carbon carbon composite system.” At Summer School “Mechanics of Microstructured Materials,” The International Union on Technical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM), held at the International Center of Mechanical Sciences (CISM), Udine, Italy, July 7-11, 2003,

2. Lectures: “Micromechanical modeling of fatigue crack growth.” At the short course “Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics Models,” International Center of Mechanical Sciences (CISM), Udine, Italy, July 14-18, 2008.

3. Lectures: “Biological tissues and toughness,” “Tissue mechanics and organ function,” and “Biomechanical FE modeling: What should be in the box?” at the 2012 IUTAM Summer School “Biomechanics of tissue and tissue-cell interaction,” Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, June 5-8, 2012.

 Links to course websites: