Our Team

Faculty Advisor: Thomas Siegmund

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University


Current Post Doctoral Research Associates

  • Max Hammond: bone biomechanics

Current Graduate Students:

  • Josh Pribe. PhD Student

  • Vincent Vernacchio. MS Student

  • Andrew Williams. MS Student


Current Undergraduate Students:

Joseph Sawyer (REU Fellow)

Visiting Researchers

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Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in research the lab please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Past Graduate Students and Thesis Title

  • Yinglong Chen (PhD, 2017): Mechanics of porous glass fiber materials.
  • Srinivas Svaranas (PhD, 2014, with R.J. Cipra, J.S. Bolton); Sound attenuation characteristics of cellular metamaterials.
  • Somesh Khandelwal (PhD 2013, with R.J. Cipra, J.S. Bolton); Hybrid and smart topologically interlocking materials.
  • Jordan Kelleher (PhD , 2012); NSF Graduate Fellowship Recipient. Biomechanical influences on the vibration of human vocal fold tissue.
  • Pinaki Bhattacharya (PhD, 2012); Flow structure interaction computations in phonation.
  • Kai Zhang (PhD, 2008); Biomechanical characterization of the vocal fold.
  • Kartik Srinivasan (PhD, 2008) (with G. Subbarayan); Numerical simulations of wrinkling and wrinkling-induced delaminations.    
  • Sasanka, Kanuparthi (PhD, 2007) (with G. Subbarayan), Nanoscale thermal interface materials.
  • Bo Wang (PhD, 2007); Fatigue crack growth in metal-ceramic multilayer structures.
  • Jibin Han (PhD, 2005); Failure characteristics of discontinuously reinforced composite materials.
  • Ashwin Hattiangadi (PhD, 2004); Material deterioration in thermal gradients and transient.
  • Weizhou Li, (PhD, 2003); Studies of fracture in thin-wall and thin-film structures by use of the cohesive zone model approach.
  • Junhong Park (PhD, 2002) (with L. Mongeau); Effects of mechanical properties of sealing systems on aerodynamic noise generation inside vehicles.
  • Chongchen Xu (PhD, 2001) (with K. Ramani); Thermoplastic adhesive bonding and its fracture analysis.


  • Darren Bell (MS, 2016); Fracture mechanics and size effects in 3D printed polymers.
  • Antony Paul (MS, 2010) (with R. Cipra); Near-net shape manufacture of composite structures with oriented short fibers.
  • George Winter (MS, 2009); A cohesive zone model approach to multiaxial fatigue.
  • Brandon Wilkins (MS, 2009); Numerical modeling and analysis of the damage characteristics of a honeycomb core within a sandwich panel.
  • Denis Torres (MS, 2009); Relationship between fracture surface mismatch and the plastic J – integral in bovine cortical bone: application of stereophotogrammetry and shape from focus.
  • Jeffrey Gallagher (MS, 2008) (with R. Cipra); Flexible tooling in composite manufacturing.
  • Somesh Khandelwal (MS, 2007) (with S. Frankel); Computational analysis on flow-structure interaction in vocal fold vibration.
  • Mychal Spencer (MS, 2007) (with L. Mongeau); Applications of digital image correlation to a flow induced rubber vocal fold model: towards clinical application.
  • Adam Mather (MS, 2007) (with R. Cipra); Near net shape manufacturing by assembly.
  • Kory Gunnerson (MS, 2006) (with R. Cipra); A robotic rapid prototyping/manufacturing system for short fiber reinforced composite materials.
  • Travis Bodily (MS, 2005) (with R. Cipra); Near-net shape manufacturing and mechanical properties of composite parts.
  • Kartik Srinivasan (MS, 2005); Effects of microstructure heterogeneity on crack growth resistance.
  • Kevin Roe (MS, 2001); A cohesive zone model for fatigue crack growth simulation.


Visiting Scholars

  • Trung Nguyen (2015-2017) (now Bridgestone-Firestone Inc.) design of multifunctional structural battery material systems; strain gradient viscoplasticity
  • Philipp Seiler, post-doc (2014-2016) (now University of Cambridge) high temperature crack growth considering strain gradient viscoplasticity
  • Yuezhong Feng, post-doc (2012-2014) (now Baxter International Inc.) Mechanics of topologically interlocked material systems
  • Steffen Brinckmann, post-doc (2005-2007) (now Max Planck Institute for Iron Research); Strain gradient plasticity; fatigue modeling; stress corrosion cracking; mechanics of powder compaction.
  • Guofeng Gao, post-doc (2005-2006); Mechanics of powder compaction.
  • Junling Fan, visiting PhD student (visiting from Dalian University of Technology)
  • Andreas Ludwig, visiting UG student (visiting from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)