We are interested in developing and employing digital manufacturing processes for the creation of engineering materials with novel properties.

Indiana Consortium for Simulation Based Engineering of Materials and Structures

The concept of ICSEMS (the Indiana Consortium for Simulation-based Engineering of Materials and Structures) is based on the recognition that modeling and simulation is an indispensable part of product design in the digital engineering future. All engineering processes do or will depend on computational models such that they can be modified quickly, controlled tightly, and optimized. ICSEM’s goal is to work with its industrial partners to make full use of modeling and simulation approaches in digital engineering supporting product design.

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3D Printing

3D printing provides an attractive approach for the creation of model materials and material structures.  Our lab has a high-end 3D printer (Connex 350) with the capability to print a large range of different materials, as well as to print composite materials with complex architectures. 

We used the Connex 350 printer to manufacture steering wheels for the Purdue mini-Baja team vehicle for their 2017 competition. The steering wheel use used successfully throughout the competition.

Collaborator: K. Ramani, R. Cipra, S. Bolton, P. Zavattieri

Funding: DoE-DURIP


Composite Manufacturing (past work)

Our research aims at the development of advanced methods for manufacturing short fiber composite materials. In this work we have developed a rapidly reconfigurable molding system in which mold surfaces are generated by use of a robotically shaped pin surface.  Fiber material is dispersed by an automated fiber print system, which dispenses both random as well as oriented fibers. The system allows for the manufacture of near net shaped, curved composite parts with graded and locally reinforced fiber architectures.  

Collaborator: R. Cipra